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BELKAGA (LF elimination month) Indonesia 2017

As a country with endemic areas of filariasis that are relatively numerous in the world, the Ministry of Health (“MoH”) of Indonesia is still running Mass Drug Administration (“MDA”), the provision of elephantiasis prevention free drugs in all endemic areas in Indonesia. Since it was declared October as Belkaga (LF Elimination) in 2015, then every October, residents living in the epidemic district of filariasis disease, are encouraged to take preventative medication against elephantiasis.

It is a great opportunity for Eisai DEC (Diethylcarbamazine) Managers who invited to join the Belkaga ceremony which held on 7 October 2017, in Demak City, Central Java, Indonesia. So, this year DEC Managers from Thailand, Philippines, India, Malaysia, UK and Indonesia attended the meeting in Semarang, Central Java, with some meeting agenda; start the program with sharing information about LF elimination program in each country, patient socialization and finally join Belkaga launch ceremony.

On the Belkaga ceremony, both Demak Regent and the Governor of Central Java mentioned about Gerakan Masyarakat Hidup Sehat (Germas) - Healthy Life Movement - theme which are really connected to spread of filariasis disease.

Belkaga 1

Also on this Belkaga launch, the MoH delivers medicine package which consist of DEC and Abendazole to Central Java Governor and then taking the medicine together as symbolically start the MDA all over Central Java area.

Eisai started in year 2015 had been contributing for LF elimination by providing DEC for zero prices all over the world. It was a global commitment of Eisai to contribute and distribute 2.2 Billion DEC tablets by year 2020.

Belkaga 1a

Symbolic handover DEC tablets for MDA all over Indonesia. (from left to right:Demak Regent, Central Java Governor, Indonesia Minister of Health and Director General of Disease Prevention and Control of the Ministry of Health)

Belkaga 1b

Then, as a human health care company we will continue to work together and assist government for LF elimination with the big support from all the partners including WHO, NGO, and other stakeholder to achieve Indonesia Free LF in 2020.

Belkaga 2

Eisai team with Ms. Helena Ully Artha (Subdit Filariasis-Ministry of Health)