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Limphatic Filariasis (LF) education to cadre Posyandu

And socialization with LF Patients

On May 9 2018, PT Eisai Indonesia in cooperation with Minister of Health conducted education of LF and handling of chronic LF patient to 8 cadre Posyandu, 2 LF patients and surrounding community Sukatani Depok, west Java.

The activity was conducted as Eisai support of government’s program to eliminate LF in Indonesia. It is estimated Indonesia will free from LF by year 2020.

Moreover Eisai have been donating of Diethyl Carbamazine (DEC) as prevention at zero price to 27 countries including Indonesia starting year 2013. As of December 2017, 1.2 Billions tablets have been donated. In year 2020 it is estimated Eisai will donate for about 2.2 Billion tablets.

Picture 1: Eisai member, Posyandu, Doctor from Minister of Health, LF patients, local government, and community surrounding

Picture 2: Doctor explained how to measure the lump to cadre and insist to Patient for keep their legs clean and implement management of lump

Picture 3: Eisai member discussed with LF patients to find their true needs.

Picture 4: Eisai member and doctor visited to LF patient house that could not come to education place and explained management of lump