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A Day with Cancer Patients at Rumah Singgah Slipi – Jakarta

PD employee at Rumah Singgah Slipi - 1

On September 16th, employees of PT Eisai Indonesia Production Division visited cancer patients at Rumah Singgah Slipi, Jakarta This event was participated by 16 employees of PT Eisai Indonesia and was a part of patient socialization activity in which giving an opportunity for the employees to interact and communicate directly with the patients. The agenda of the event was to interact directly with the patients to gain some insights regarding the difficulty and burden that patients experienced during cancer treatment. Moreover, participants also did house cleaning to help out the patients and had lunch together.

PD employee at Rumah Singgah Slipi - 2

When arrived in the location, the employees were welcomed by the patients whom were doing their daily activities. Some of the patients were seen making craft and doing some house chores, while the others were having therapy and visiting the doctors.

PD employee at Rumah Singgah Slipi - 3

Each of the employees was given a task to complete, such as cooking, bedroom and bathroom cleaning, sweeping and mopping the floor, washing the dishes, and other house chores. Nevertheless, the employees also interacted with the patients and caregiver during the activities. It was seen from the patients’ expression that they were very happy for the help that was given.

PD employee at Rumah Singgah Slipi - 4

Afterward, the event was continued with lunch and gathering. The patients shared their stories of their cancer journey. These patients came from outside Jakarta such as Papua, Bengkulu, Central Java, and etc. The limited facilitation in their hometown is the reason why they go to Jakarta, Cancer Dharmais Hospital. The event was closed with souvenirs, prayer, and picture together.

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