Our President Message

The journey of a company reaching the 50th year is the strength of the togetherness spirit to move forward together, working to make our company the best amongst the good, making the company as family support so that all employees get a prosperous quality of life.

PTEI original products are for some diseases like Dementia Alzheimer, Gastro-intestinal Disorder, Low Back Pain, Peripheral Vertigo, Peripheral Neuropathic which have accepted and trusted by Medical Professional for years, and this is proved that we have excellent products trusted for patients benefit. In the next decade, PTEI will focus on new products especially in neuroscience for Dementia Alzheimer and Oncology area and we aim to be the best admired company in this field.

Gather to face the challenges of the pharmaceutical world today, many internal company factors must be strengthened first. Clarity, Creativity, Competitive and Collaboration has become joint capital as our strengths, coupled with the perfect corporate philosophy of hhc and Compliance. With all of that, PTEI is ready to contribute to bringing happiness of patients and their families in all over the country.

dr. Iskandar Linardi
November 2020