Toll Manufacturing

PT Eisai Indonesia is a pharmaceutical company with specifications in producing nonantibiotic Capsules and Tablets including sugar-coated and film-coated tablets. Our commitment is to improve access to medicine by providing contract manufacturing services.

Our lot capacity accommodates small and medium production. This is an advantage for a new developing product.

Our Service

Manufacturing Process of Tableting

Providing manufacturing process of tableting starting granulation until packaging, with or without Barcode Serialization.

Manufacturing Process of Capsule

The manufacturing process of capsule until packaging, with or without Barcode Serialization.

Create and provide Barcode Serialization on the packaging

- 2D Barcode on individual Box and Aggregation for Carton - SSCC Number for incomplete Carton = Equip with secure data management

Offering Capacity Table

Contract Receiver Capacity to be Offered Per-Annum
Tablet (Non-Coating & Coating) 150 Million
Hard Capsule 130 Million
Blister 23 Million