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hhc Promotion System

Eisai's Knowledge Creation Approach to Management

In order for Eisai to realize its hhc philosophy, each employee participates in activities based on knowledge creation theory and works to realize innovation which will satisfy patients' needs by putting in creative efforts at each level of work.

The SECI model (Socialization, Externalization, Combination, and Internalization) from Knowledge Creation theory is an innovation model to create new knowledge through interactive exchange between tacit knowledge and explicit knowledge. Eisai puts great value on Socialization and encourages all employees around the world to use 1% of their total business hours to interact with patients. This is because Eisai considers it is not until we socialize with patients that we will be able to understand their joy, anger, sadness and happiness.

Experience and know-how gained from past activities which remain at the individual employee level are shared, and activities aiming to realize hhc are promoted throughout the company with the Knowledge Creation Department at the forefront. The department is leading “hhc driven innovation activities“ globally with hhc managers in countries and regions, and today the total number of those activities exceeds 500 worldwide.

Sharing Knowledge through Best Practices

Among the diverse hhc-related activities Eisai carries out is the hhc Initiative, an annual event for recognizing and awarding outstanding hhc activities which made particularly significant contributions to patients.

Representative members from around the world in Eisai's Product Creation Systems: EPCS (R&D), Demand Chain Systems: EDCS (production), sales, and administration divisions assemble once a year to make presentations of their best practices. In the process, the participants acquire “knowledge” created during those practices and share it with each other. This event actively promotes the common sharing of knowledge globally.

Framework for Verifying Knowledge Creation Activities

Eisai conducts a “Knowledge Creation Survey” to determine how our knowledge creation activities are changing and being promoted in line with changes in the external environment.

The Knowledge Creation Survey is a review of how daily work operations are being carried out toward realizing our hhc corporate philosophy. Its aims are to clarify the state of implementation of knowledge creation within the organization and the actual working environment faced by individuals, organizations and divisions, as well as the level of satisfaction of individual employees. These results are utilized in promoting future knowledge creation activities within the organization.