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First Belkaga launching was held in October 1, 2015, in Cibinong sub-district, Bogor one of endemic areas. The opening ceremony of Belkaga launching was done by Prof. dr. Nila Djuwita F. Moeloek, Sp.M. – The Minister of Health of Indonesia. This event also presented about 200 elementary students sang 3 songs of how to live clean and healthy, and about Belkaga. Afterwards, presented video conference between Minister of Health with some Head of Districts to ensure that the districts held MDA (Mass Drug Administration) appropriately. On the top of that, one of them was taking the drug in front of the Minister.

Before leaving the event area, the Minister visiting booths which showed children were washing their hands as representative a healthy and clean lifestyle. At the stand also showed how the drugs were distributed to the people at risk according to their ages.

Eisai had great contribution to the success of this event by donating as much as 151 million DEC tablets, free through WHO to all over Indonesia. DEC is diethylcarbamazine citrate. Until now, DEC is one of the only cure filariaris disease which is effective, safe and relatively cheap. In the individual treatment aims to destroy parasites and eliminate, in order to reduce and prevent the pain. DEC tablet is manufactured by Eisai Vizag plant, India.

Also present at the launching ceremony, the participants of Eisai members, consisting of Eisai’s DEC Manager of several affiliates, UGM students of AIESEC Internship program, participants of the Global Mobility Program and from the Public Relations Dept. Eisai, Co., Ltd.

We observed how MDA was held using Eisai DEC and how DEC was distributed to people at-risk with different dosages according to their ages. Participants observed how the children showed their enthusiasm taking the drugs, and socialized with the children. Moreover, Eisai participants also took and tasted Eisai DEC tablets in MDA booth during the Belkaga launching.

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