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Getting to know Bogor Factory

PT Eisai Indonesia Factory was built in 1971 in Puncak. Later in 1987, the Factory was moved to Citeureup, Bogor due to area conservation by the Government. Since then, the factory is widely known as Bogor Factory. As for now, there are total of 54 employees in Production Division. The Director of Production Division is Ms. Tita Miawati and she has been with PT Eisai Indonesia for almost 16 years. Total area of Bogor Factory is 30,000m2 but not all space is used for production. The production building itself only takes 15% of total area and another 15% for other support buildings such as parking spot, security office, and etc.

Getting to know Bogor Factory - 01

PT Eisai Indonesia Bogor Factory

In one shift (8hrs of work), Bogor Factory can produce 80million units of tablet, capsule, and syrup in total. As for now, Bogor Factory uses only 30%-40% for utilization capacity. Therefore, Bogor Factory plans to export some products to all Asia countries in the future to develop and increase its capacity of utilization production. Meanwhile, the factory has exported to Thailand and Philippines; and plan to export to Malaysia and Singapore. Moreover, Bogor Factory also strives to improve its production quality by using the finest and safest ingredients.

Bogor Factory has received some awards in international and national stages. As a part of Global Eisai, Bogor Factory has won 2nd place three times for Quality Performance Award. The Ministry of Manpower and Transmigration of Republic of Indonesia also gave award to Bogor Factory, for “Zero Accident Award” in almost every year, and twice for “Best Company for Environmental Conservation” from Bogor Government.

Getting to know Bogor Factory - 02

Zero Accident Award from Ministry of Manpower and Transmigration of Republic of Indonesia.

One of the uniqueness of Bogor Factory is having a lot of tropical fruit trees with President Directors’ names. It is a tradition for PT Eisai Indonesia to have its President Director or visitors from Japan to plant a tree in the factory.

Getting to know Bogor Factory - 03

Mr. Haruo Naito, President of Eisai Co.Ltd planted Jackfruit tree

Besides production, Bogor Factory also involves in hhc activity. In 2010, Bogor Factory held World’s Alzheimer Day for elderly. The purpose of this event was to increase awareness about Dementia, improve exercise, introduce positive activities for elderly, and factory tour. During the event, Bogor Factory also held an environmental program in which the elderly planted 100 plants. This event was collaboration between PT Eisai Indonesia and Alzheimer Indonesia, and was attended by 200 people.

Furthermore, Bogor Factory has a good relationship with the local residents. During dry season, Bogor Factory donates some water to local residents. Due to the water conservation system that the factory has, Bogor Factory can utilize rain water to cover some of its daily needs. This system also leads to saving groundwater resources. Also, Bogor Factory had helped in building sanitation in local school and community, and helped residents whom houses got mud slide.

Getting to know Bogor Factory - 04

One of the activities during World Alzheimer’s Day 2010; the Elderly planted 100 trees

Getting to know Bogor Factory - 05

World Alzheimer’s Day 2010

Getting to know Bogor Factory - 06

Water Conservation System