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Sahur on the Road

During Ramadan 2016, Medical Representatives and together with some of the head department from Commercial Division of PT Eisai Indonesia visited hospitals all over Indonesia and held Sahur on the Road (SOTR) with GPs and nurses. Some of the hospitals that were visited are Siloam Hospital Kebon Jeruk, Medistra Hospital, and MMC Hospital (Jakarta), Al Islam Hospital (Bandung), and Medical Center in Bogor (Bogor). SOTR was also held in Siloam Hospital Makassar, Suaka Insani Hospital in Banjarmasin, and Caritas Hospital in Palembang. Below are some pictures of the activity.

Sotr - 01

Sotr - 02

Sales Manager and teams

Sotr - 03

Sahur on the Road with GPs and Nurses

Sotr - 04

Team from Head Office PTEI also joined SOTR

Sotr - 05

SOTR in Bogor, Jakarta, Medan and Makassar

Sotr - 06

SOTR in Surabaya, Bandung and Semarang

Sotr - 07

SOTR in Bekasi, Jakarta and Cirebon

Sotr - 08

SOTR in Palembang, Jakarta and Tangerang