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hhc Activity with Cancer Patients

On March 23, 2016, PT Eisai Indonesia visited Children’s Ward in Dharmais Cancer Hospital. There are 34 patients and their age range from 2 to 15 years old. They suffer from various types of cancer such as, lymphoma, leukemia, neck tumor, and others. Many of them have come from distant places, for instance Ternate and Pontianak and some of them have been staying for more than 6 months in the hospital. They use JKN (Indonesia National Health Insurance) to pay for their medical treatments. However, there are still some medicines which are not covered by the insurance that they need to take in order to control the disease.

Most of the children have at least one guardian to accompany them in the hospital, except Budi (not the real name). He has to stay alone because both of his parents have to work. Nevertheless, it does not lessen his cheerfulness because the nurses often accompany and comfort him.


Opening speech by PT Eisai Indonesia

There are not many activities that they can do during their stay at the hospital. They cannot go to school or play outside like other healthy kids. Their parents, if they are present, are usually the one to comfort and cheer the kids. Rarely the children were visited by their friends because many of them come far from outside Jakarta. We can imagine how these kids have missed their childhood because of the illness. Therefore, we did an hhc activity event which was a Coloring Competition with aim to make the children felt like healthy kids and hope to bring joy and happiness, thus the kids would feel normal and would forget about the disease for a moment.


Cancer patient and family

All children were exciting to color the paper. They seemed very happy and they proudly showed the drawing to us. While waiting for the kids to finish their drawings, we talked with the parents and listened to their stories. The parents shared that there are very limited activities that the children can do inside the hospital. Hence, the parents and hospital staffs were very welcome and eager with this activity. All participants, including those who could not join the competition because of their conditions, received a goody bag which contained a story book, crayons, and snacks. We also chose 10 winners and they received story books and stationaries.


Kids and parents are attending Coloring Competition with excitement