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Activities of PT Eisai Indonesia during Alzheimer’s Month

Several highlight events that were conducted by PT Eisai Indonesia as a form of support and commitment in increasing awareness of Dementia Alzheimer’s disease:

Launching of e-Memory Clinic:

In October 6, 2016 coincided with PIN (National Scientific Meeting) PERDOSSI at Grand Senyiur Hotel in Balikpapan, PT Eisai Indonesia launched e-Memory Clinic that was attended by the audience of PIN Perdossi. The ceremony was opened by the Mayor of Balikpapan Mr. Rizal Effendi, the President of Perdossi, Prof. Dr. dr. Hasan Mafoed, SpS(K), the leader of NeuroBehavior Study Group, DR. dr. Anam Ong, SpS(K), and the Chairman of Organizing Committee PIN Perdossi Balikpapan, dr. Hendra Gunawan, SpS.

e-Memory Clinic Launching 1

From left to right: Mr. Rizal Effendi (Mayor of Balikpapan), dr. Hendra Gunawan SpS. (Chairman of Organizing Committee PIN Perdossi Balikpapan), Dr. dr. Anam Ong Sps(K). (Leader of Neurobehavior Study Group), and Prof. Dr. dr. Hasan Mafoed SpS(K) (President of Perdossi)

e-Memory Clinic is a computerized database system in which is used to examine patients with a possibility of memory and cognitive impairment. This system has a similar technique with the manual one but with some distinctions, such as:

  • Faster process of examination due to the automatically saved data after the examination is done
  • Doctor can analysis the examination result right away from the computer screen. This system also makes analyze data patient easily due to various type of report and graph
  • Interactive touch screen engages patients while doing the memory test such as MMSE, MOCA, or CDT
  • The hospital or clinic administration can recall data patients quicker

e-Memory Clinic Launching 2

The Mayor of Balikpapan, Mr. Rizal Effendi trying out the application system of e-Memory Clinic

Moreover, another advantages of computerized database system are secured data and easily to recall data. During the launch, positive feedback was received from the participants of PIN Perdossi after visiting the e-Memory Clinic booth. Even, some of the doctors are interested in applying e-Memory Clinic in their hospital or clinic.

Jakarta Friendly with Elderly and Dementia

Besides the launching of e-Memory Clinic, PT Eisai Indonesia also participated in the event of launching a support feature “Gerakan Melawan Pikun” via Smartphone and an official announcement on “Pasukan Ungu” at Balai Kota, Jakarta which was conducted by the collaboration of Government Province of DKI Jakarta with Alzheimer’s Indonesia (ALZI) on September 21, 2016. The President Director of PT Eisai Indonesia, Mrs. Diena Tjiptadi together with its employee, attended the event and witnessed the actualization of Jakarta to be a friendly city with Elderly and Dementia people.

Dementia at Balaikota

Presentation about Dementia

The event was also attended by the Assistant of Department of Human Welfare Regional Secretary of DKI Jakarta, Fatahillah as behalf of Basuki Tjahaja Purnama, the Governor of Jakarta, and officially announced the “Pasukan Ungu”. “Pasukan Ungu” is a term for people who participate in the action of Dementia Alzheimer awareness. These people come from various background and level, such as doctors, nurses, social worker, volunteers, and private sectors. Representative from each sector was invited to the stage and given a purple vast that symbolize their commitment as “Pasukan Ungu”.

Dementia at Balaikota

Mrs. Diena Tjiptadi (fifth from the right) together with representative from each sector accepted the purple vast which symbolize their commitment as “Pasukan Ungu”

PT Eisai Indonesia has been partnered with Alzheimer’s Indonesia since 2013. In 2015, PT Eisai Indonesia participated in World Alzheimer’s Day in which a Fun Walk against Dementia that was held in Monument National (Monas). Early 2016, ‘Sahabat Dementia’ was held at PT Eisai Indonesia which was an event that marked a movement and commitment of PT Eisai Indonesia to care and support any education activities and increase awareness of Alzheimer Disease.

Dementia at Balaikota

“Pasukan Ungu” of DKI Jakarta

Dementia Line

With the increase of community’s awareness regarding Dementia Alzheimer and there is still some questions about where to consult, these two points are the fundamental reason of forming a Call Center named Dementia Line. Dementia Line aims to help family and patients with Dementia in finding information related to Dementia Alzheimer such as, basic information of Dementia, the right treatment, and the proper way of taking care people with Dementia. Dementia Line is referral based, meaning that for every incoming call, the Agent will connect it to a professional health care such as GP and Caregiver. For people who are looking for Neurologist, they can call Dementia Line and will be given out the information based on patients’ domicile. Dementia Line can be reach at 021-29751373.

Morning Walk with Alzheimer’s Indonesia

On Sunday, 23rd October 2016 was held a Morning Walk that was conducted by Alzheimer’s Indonesia as a closing event of World Alzheimer’s Month 2016 on Jalan Kota Bumi. Even though the event was started with a heavy rain, it didn’t stop the employees of PT Eisai Indonesia to actively participate in the event. The event was opened with a speech from Ms. DY as Deputy Regional Director, and releasing some pigeons wrapping up the launch of Pojok Lansia. After that, Morning Walk was started and continued with poco-poco dance. This event marked the 4th times of PT Eisai Indonesia’s participation in World Alzheimer’s Month.

Dementia at Sunday Walk

PT Eisai Indonesia with Ms. Dian Purnomo, Executive Director of ALZI (right)