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Human Health Care (“HHC”) activities at Rumah Harapan Indonesia

On August 14th, 2017, PT Eisai Indonesia held a Human Health Care (“hhc”) activity by visiting Rumah Harapan Indonesia (Valencia Care Foundation) in East Tebet II B no.1. This 2-storey building, with 860m2 consist of 9 rooms can accommodate around 36 patients, especially for those children who came from rural areas with severe illness which need to regularly visit their doctor in Jakarta hospital.

We arrive at the location at 4 PM, which according to the board, 4 – 6 PM is the right time since they usually go to the hospital in the morning and or day time. After we introduced ourselves, we start the event by giving a small health presentation (“how to do a correct hand wash”, by dr. Anita), after that we do small games to cheer up the program, we really glad to see all their happy face at that time.

how to do handwashing

dr. Anita presentation ”how to do a correct hand wash”

The next session is a sharing session between the child, the parents and us, here we talk and listen to all the complaints from them, how they struggle and fight for treatments and how the family faces the reality of life there. It cannot be denied that the cost issue is indeed one that burdens them, in other side, the life expectancy and or healing rate is also very haunting.

sharing session

Sharing session of PTEI employees and residents of Rumah Harapan Indonesia.

We get a lot of valuable lessons on this visit, and one of the most important is how we can implement the hhc which is the philosophy of Eisai to the children in the shelter.

Time flies very fast, it shows 6 pm already, we took the picture to close the event and give donations to the residents of Rumah Harapan Indonesia

Photo together

Photos together with the residents of Rumah Harapan Indonesia


Donations to Rumah Harapan Indonesia