Layman Activities: Celebrating World Cancer Day 2022

Dalam memperingati World Cancer Day 2022, pada Minggu, 20 Februari 2022 pukul 10.00-12.00 WIB, Inspirasien, platform penunjang kesehatan pasien, berkolaborasi dengan Yayasan Sahabat Hati Indonesia, Komunitas Pita Tosca Indonesia, PT Eisai Indonesia, dan Harian Disway, mengadakan webinar 'From Heart to Heart: Dukungan untuk Pejuang Kanker Hati dan Kanker Tiroid'. Acara ini turut mengundang narasumber terbaik di bidangnya, yaitu:

  1. Prof. Dr. dr. Rino Alvani Gani, Sp.PD-KGEH, FINASIM yang membahas “Mengenal Kanker Hati Lebih Dekat”.
  2. dr. Alvita Dewi Siswoyo, Sp.KN(K), M.Kes., FANMB yang membahas “Mengenal Seputar Kanker Tiroid”.

Acara yang dimoderatori oleh dr. Ayu Diandra Sari, M.M., M.Gz., Sp.GK. ini turut menghadirkan Guest Star, antara lain:

  1. Bapak Dahlan Iskan (Founder Harian Disway & Pelaku Ganti Hati)
  2. Thalita Latief (Artist & Influencer, Pejuang Kanker Tiroid)

Celebrating World Cancer Day 2022 (Sunday, 20 February 2022), Inspiration, a patient health support platform, in collaboration with Sahabat Hati Indonesia Foundation, Komunitas Pita Tosca Indonesia, PT Eisai Indonesia, and Harian Disway, held a webinar 'From Heart to Heart: Dukungan Untuk Pejuang Kanker Hati dan Kanker Tiroid'. This event invited the best speakers in their fields, these are:

  1. Dr. dr. Rino Alvani Gani, Sp.PD-KGEH, FINASIM with topic "Mengenal Kanker Hati Lebih Dekat".
  2. dr. Alvita Dewi Siswoyo, Sp.KN(K), M.Kes., FANMB with topic "Mengenal Seputar Kanker Tiroid".

The event was moderated by dr. Ayu Diandra Sari, M.M., M.Gz., Sp.GK. This event also presents Guest Stars, including:

  1. Mr. Dahlan Iskan (Founder of Harian Disway & Pelaku Ganti Hati)
  2. Thalita Latief (Artist & Influencer, Pejuang Kanker Tiroid)

Dahlan Iskan, the Founder of Harian Disway, told his life story while suffering from liver cancer. Mr. Dahlan had not felt any complaints, had no fever, and did not feel weak or other complaints for many years so he was late to know about his illness.

Mr. Dahlan had experienced high fever and hematemesis (vomiting of blood). After being investigated, it was found that the hematemesis is due to esophageal varices because of complications from liver disease. For many years, he suffered without knowing that.

Mr. Dahlan Iskan was diagnosed with chronic hepatitis B with hepatic cirrhosis, where it turned out that lumps had started to appear in the liver and were found to be cancer cells. He was shocked when a doctor told him about his age, he had six months left and there was no other treatment choice except a liver transplant. He told, "That was 17 years ago and now I am 70 years old."

Prof. Dr. dr. Rino Alvani Gani, Sp.PD-KGEH, FINASIM as Head and Founder of Sahabat Hati Indonesia Foundation explained that liver disease in Indonesia is a big community problem. Several liver diseases are classified as a catastrophic disease at BPJS so they require a higher cost. Meanwhile, public awareness about liver disease is still low, so patients with liver disease who come for treatment at health centers are already in an severe condition. Currently, there are still very few community organizations that are oriented toward liver disease. So it was felt necessary to establish a community organization (NGO) that would work oriented towards liver disease. This is stated in the vision and mission of the Sahabat Hati Indonesia Foundation, which plays an active role for liver cancer fighters.

Prof. Rino also tries to educate that more than 80 percent of hepatitis cases are asymptomatic like what Mr. Dahlan Iskan feels, so patients often come too late. Preferably, individuals who had been infected with the hepatitis B and C viruses have to be checked at least for six months or once a year. The initial examination is SGOT and SGPT tests (sensitive indicators of liver damage). Prof Rino explained that "Although many people feel they are healthy, it is not certain that their heart condition is fine. We should have our liver health checked regularly,"

According to Globocan data in 2020, liver cancer patients in Indonesia reached 21.392 cases with 20.920 deaths. The Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia (Kemenkes RI) also stated that liver cancer is one of the highest causes of death in Indonesia. This happens because patients often come with a severe condition. Even though the possibility of liver cancer to cure can be greater if it can be detected and treated early.

Apart from Dahlan Iskan, artist Talitha Latief was also present at the event to share stories as a thyroid cancer fighter. At first, Talitha did not feel any pain or symptoms, but she found an oddity with his right neck. Thalita said that “Same as Mr. Dahlan, I am too late to know if I have cancer,”

In early 2019 she felt a lump in her neck, but she did not take any action for a year because she did not feel any health problems. After a year, the lump did not go away. Thalita started taking her mother to see an internal medicine specialist. The doctor asked her to go to the radiology department. After the results come out, she was referred to the oncology department. There was a feeling of discomfort at that time because she was familiar with the oncology term where her brother had a history of cancer. After going to the oncology department, it turned out that cancer cells were found in the thyroid gland. She never imagined that the cancer cells had grown 1.2 centimeters, "I cried, and I do not know what to do," said the woman who was born on December 6, 1988. The doctor had to perform an operation. Thalita was worried because the thyroid gland is very close to the vocal cords. Voice is very important to her as an actress and MC. But all that fear can be fought for her child, “My son is still six years old. He is my strength. Cancer is not the end,” She said firmly.

After recovering from her cancer, she learned a lot about her cancer. She felt her life story could be useful for cancer patients, making every cancer patient who once had a fear, now becomes brave. "I am proud. Not because of cancer but proud to be a cancer fighter," said Thalita. According to Doctor Alvita Dewi Siswoyo, detecting thyroid cancer is actually not that difficult compared to detecting liver cancer. He asked webinar participants to check their own necks. "If there is a lump, immediately go to the doctor for early detection," said the alumnus of the Faculty of Medicine, Padjadjaran University.

The number of cases of thyroid cancer that occurred was 13,114 cases, with lower mortality cases of 2,224 cases. This is in accordance with the presentation from dr. Alvita Dewi Siswoyo, Sp.KN(K), M.Kes., FANMB, stated that thyroid cancer requires full attention and positive collaboration from many relevant stakeholders, these are patients, caregivers, medical professionals, patient communities, and institutions. So that thyroid fighters can take preventive and treatment measures according to the thyroid disorders they suffer from. Through early detection #CheckYourNeck, dr. Alvita hopes the incidence of thyroid cancer in the high-risk category can be prevented.

In line with this, Pita Tosca Indonesia, the Indonesian Thyroid Fighters Community, which established on October 26, 2014, always tries to play an active role in providing information about understanding thyroid disorders, especially thyroid cancer. Pita Tosca Indonesia prioritizes the #PeriksaLeherAnda early detection program so that more screening for thyroid disorders is carried out as an effort to prevent thyroid cancer in the high-risk category. This was revealed by the Chair and Founder of the Pita Tosca Indonesia Community, Astriani Dwi Aryaningtyas, S.Psi., M.A., and also advisory board dr. Siti Sundari Manoppo, there is a great need for collaboration between related institutions to realize the conditions for these cancer fighters so that they remain #TenangJadiPasien and get good assistance.

This event can be considered as a success event and brings great benefits to cancer observers because more than 400 participants who attended the event will play an active role in voicing the importance of cancer's early detection and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. dr. Ayu Diandra also concluded that "If our body has sent an alarm symptom, check it immediately and don't ignore it".

Therefore, PT Eisai Indonesia together with other stakeholders will always support and provide support for cancer prevention in Indonesia by increasing public awareness of cancer and increasing early detection of cancer. Hopefully, this event will bring a deep meaning about the importance of health and #CloseTheCareGap so that collaboration in the health sector can be optimal to support all cancer patients who are struggling to achieve their health.